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Application of constructing crane
     Application introduction

Constructing crane is a handling tool commonly used in building industry. The lifting, descending and stopping of traditional construction hoists are controlled by relay, which has a poor control precision, large instantaneous impact at machine start/stop, serious damages to equipment and non-adjustable operation speed. This control mode also reduces equipment production efficiency and requires operators to be highly skilled. As off-hook caused by insufficient output torque occurs easily at the moment when motor starts or stops, the hoist must be controlled and protected effectively when it works. However, frequency converter control can solve all the above problems effectively.

    Process characteristic

·Transducer can normal control taper electromotor to brake-releasing and band-type brake quickly
·Start-stop, rise and fall is frequently, respond speed is required to be fast
·Starting torque is big, rise and full slowly is normal when in the half-empty, no hook gliding
·Smooth operation, accurate locations, no impact
·The system can operate in a long time and be safety and reliable, fault protection is complete

     Applicable scenario

Similar application: Jib crane
Applicable industries: Building, shipbuilding, road & bridge, logistics, building materials, port

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